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Is there a need for yet another blog on politics? Well, I guess it depends.
I’m not writing this blog because I believe that what I have to offer hasn’t been or can’t be said better by others. Rather, it’s about my own need to put pen to paper and write about the issues I care about. As a European living in the Middle East, I only hope to offer my perspective with a bit of experience in both worlds on the global events of today.

It’s about my own need to put pen to paper and write about the issues I care about

At the forefront of the issues close to my heart, as an Israeli citizen and former IDF Paratrooper, is the political situation in Israel, vis-à-vis its neighbors, be they Muslims or Christians, Arabs, Druze, Kurds or Persians etc.

While Israeli affairs are closest to my heart, I will attempt to view, and analyze, the issues from a global perspective. This means that the politics of many other nations, the United States in particular, will be of interest as well, especially as they pertain to Israel.

As a Swedish citizen, born and raised, I couldn’t in good conscience refrain from discussing what’s going on back in my former home.

If these things interest you, I invite you to join the discussion.

Published articles:

  • “A boycott would hurt Palestinian employees”, SVT Opinion, July 31, 2014 (in Swedish)
  • “Hamas has a cynical view of human life”, SVT Opinion, August 4, 2014 (in Swedish)
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We are more thoroughly an enlightened people, with respect to our political interests, than perhaps any other under heaven. Every man among us reads, and is so easy in his circumstances as to have leisure for conversations of improvement and for acquiring information.
– Benjamin Franklin