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It’s pretty clear that the United States not only abstained from using its veto, but took part in shaping the latest anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council. The White House has of course denied this, but it merely follows a long list of misleading statements, obfuscations, deceptions and outright lies (yeah, I’m looking at… Continue Reading

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The peace and quiet of our Sabbath dinner was interrupted by the news that President Obama ultimately betrayed Israel at the UN, as many, including myself, had predicted a long time ago. Free from all election constraints Obama could finally allow himself to act on his beliefs that Israeli obstinacy, and its settlement-policy in particular,… Continue Reading

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Discussing the multifaceted issue of Jewish population centers in Judea and Samaria, a.k.a. the West Bank (of the river Jordan) which was formerly held by the Kingdom of Jordan and its British and Ottoman predecessors, is difficult. There are historical, legal, moral, religious and political considerations that should be taken into account in order to do… Continue Reading

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In the latest spat over settlements, the White House “strongly condemned” Israeli plans to build 98 new housing units (to be followed by another 200 eventually) in an expansion of the town Shilo in Samaria (Above: The Synagogue of Shilo, built as a replica of the Tabernacle which was located there before the Temple was built in… Continue Reading

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In Israel, the last few days have been dramatic, full of anguish and bitter tears. We’ve seen a rise in terrorist attacks against Israelis, as well as clashes between IDF soldiers and Palestinians (mostly youth), leaving scores wounded and at least one death. It seems that the leader of the Palestinian Authority, President Abbas, is… Continue Reading